Lightning Network

At Puzzle ITC, we have been interested in Lightning since 2017. We’re pleased to present to you, how we incorporate our engineering talent in this field and what we have achieved so far.

The Lightning Team

Currently consists of five people and their skills:

Gabriel, Thomas and Tobias are software engineers and specialize with a profound knowledge about LND, Sarah is the product manager and Thömu is the CTO.

Lightning’s position at Puzzle

Ever since 2017, we have been looking at Lightning as an exciting and promising solution to scale Bitcoin. A worldwide, synchronous, open and digital-native payment solution, which is not dependent on any third party; there has never been anything like this!
In order to expand our experience in this field, and to demonstrate to the world the power of this technology, we have been developing various Lightning-based prototypes. This is how Energy Kitchen’s WebShop and Self Order Point were created, as well as the infamous Lightning BeerTap, which helped the Lightning team to gain worldwide attention for the Lightning Network.


Fast payment by Bitcoin at Energy Kitchen (german)

Usable Links

Lightning Blogposts

More Blogposts written in german:

Our Lightning Nodes

We also operate Lightning nodes on both mainnet and testnet.

Open a channel to our node now!

Mainnet: Puzzle ITC Mainnet
Testnet: Puzzle ITC Testnet

Lightning Community

Puzzle considers itself part of the Lightning community! Since you can always find us at conferences, we feel it’s only reasonable to do our bit and support the community.

We have already sponsored various conferences, including the following:

  • Lightning Hackday München – Sponsor
  • CCCamp Village “402: Payment Required” – Bier und unser Lightning BeerTap
  • The Lightning Conference, Berlin – Sponsor
  • 3The 36th Chaos Communication Congress (36C3): BeerTap


Please don’t hesitate to contact our team mailbox if you have any questions: