Flottenmanagementsystem-eXtended, also known as FMSx, is our solution for managing and updating a vehicle fleet’s IT systems and monitoring them in real time. FMSx is independent of vehicle and software manufacturers and can easily be expanded and integrated.


Independent of vehicle suppliers – one solution for all vehicles
Specific adapters are used if your fleet contains vehicles with different vehicle platforms from different manufacturers. This design makes connecting as many vehicle types as you like to FMSx simple and cost-effective.

Expandable modules – tailored to customer requirements
FMSx is modular, so it can be adapted to specific applications.

FMSx Community – actively shape further development and save costs
With the Community Source model, further development, maintenance and support costs are shared between all members. With our Community Management model, functionalities can be developed and financed jointly, enabling us to achieve maximum benefit for the community.

Integrated solution – one tool for all stakeholders
FMSx integrates a range of applications into a single user interface and provides a solution for various stakeholders. This integration reduces mediadiscontinuities and simplifies daily life.


  • Multi-tenant capability
  • Master data and user management
  • Software, configuration and timetable data updates
  • Notification processing of real-time data
  • Automatic data supply from the vehicle
  • Manual vehicle data queries
  • Manual and time-controlled remote maintenance
  • Video data downloads or live streams
  • Vehicle platform monitoring


  • Software as a Service (SaaS)