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Make your source code up

Make your source code up

Mathis Hofer, 8. April 2019

At Puzzle we recommend to use Prettier for frontend projects. Learn why and how we suggest to our engineers to use the opinionated code formatter. (German version)


Reckless – Puzzle ITC at the Lightning Network Hackday in New York City #1

Sarah Pfeiffer, 14. November 2018

After our tweet about the world’s first self-order point with Energy Kitchen in Bern went viral, the Lightning Network research startup invited us to attend the Lightning Hackday in New York City. Wow! Puzzle ITC in New York!? We were super excited. Here’s a summary of what Gabriel Comte, Thomas Philipona, and I did on our journey to the Big Apple. The second part of this blogpost will be online next week. more