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Puzzle is a Red Hat Certified Cloud Provider

Martin Gafner, 14. July 2015

Puzzle is a Red Hat Certified Cloud Provider

Red Hat Certified Cloud Provider

Since 8th May 2015, Puzzle ITC is officially certified as a „Red Hat Certified Cloud Provider“. Therefore, we are capable of supporting our customers on every topic concerning OpenShift and OpenStack. Thanks to the certification, Puzzle reaches out fast and easily to the Red Hat Global Support Service. Thus, we guarantee our clients the best service possible in Switzerland. more

Thomas Philipona, 21. April 2015

OpenShift Enterprise Version 3 Beta Program

This March Red Hat started its first version of the OpenShift Enterprise V3 Betaphase within a closed user circle. Thomas Philipona gives a short insight how Puzzle, as the only Swiss Red Hat Partner, is contributing to the Beta program. During this exceptional occasion Puzzle gains an unique insight into the future of the Red Hat Open Hybrid Cloud Application Platform.