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Blog: JavaScript

Uphill Conf 2018

Claudia Asti, 4. Juni 2018

Am 27. April 2018 war es also soweit – die erste Ausgabe der Uphill Conf auf dem Gurten öffnete ihre Tore. Mit Mathis Hofer, Max Burri und Claudia Asti waren auch drei Puzzlers mit von der Partie.

Geschrieben von Mathis Hofer, Max Burri und Claudia Asti.


PhantomJS is dead, long live headless browsers

Mathis Hofer, 12. Februar 2018

Many frontend projects still rely on PhantomJS to run JavaScript tests. As of spring 2017, PhantomJS is not supported anymore and you should migrate your project to an alternative environment. Here is what you can do. mehr

Good Enough ⁽™⁾ Performance

Andreas Maierhofer, 31. Mai 2017

Turbolinks makes page navigation faster. It turns your server rendered HTML page into a Single Page App without the added complexity of a client-side Javascript Framework. Turbolinks comes with adapters for iOS and Android. It provides a pragmatic way for building fast, multi platform web apps. mehr