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Rückblick PromCon 2019 in München

Martin Abegglen, 22. November 2019

Am 7. und 8. November fand die PromCon 2019 auf dem Google Campus in München statt. Die Konferenz dreht sich rund um das Thema Prometheus. Ziel ist es, Prometheus-Anwender und Entwickler aus ... mehr

The Real Use of Ruby Singleton Classes

Pascal Zumkehr, 11. Dezember 2017

Most experienced Ruby developers have come across the concept of metaclasses or singleton classes. Still this seems to be something obscure and rarely used, even though we all benefit from singleton classes ... mehr

On Structuring Rails Applications, Part II

Pascal Zumkehr, 24. November 2016

When models and controllers are supposed to be skinny, Rails clearly lacks a place to put all the extracted code. While there is a variety of different approaches, we like to keep ... mehr

On Structuring Rails Applications

Pascal Zumkehr, 1. November 2016

There is a long going discussion on fat-this and skinny-that when building software systems. Obviously, you want to avoid fat classes all over, but where do you put the code then?