Simon Hirsbrunner

Simon Hirsbrunner

Sometimes people just want to buy a drill. (Andy Budd)

Co-Lead User Experience
User Experience Consultant

MSc in Business Administration
BSc in Computer Science


Seit 2022 bei Puzzle ITC

2017-2022: UX Consultant bei ELCA-Informatik AG

2015-2016: IT Business Consultant bei ELCA-Informatik AG

2008-2014: Projektmanager Research bei publisuiss SA

Aus- und Weiterbildung

2020: Professional Diploma in UX Design bei UX Design Institute & Glasgow Caledonian University

2019: Developer and Tester Acessibility Training bei Access4all

2018: Usability Expert bei Usability Academy

2011-2014: Bachelor in Science in Computer Science an der Universität Bern

2005-2007: Master in Science of Business Administration (Marketing-Management) an der Universität Bern

2005: Austauschsemester (International Management) an der Tilburg University

2001-2005: Bachelor in Business Administration (Marketing, Medienwissenschaften)


Design, Typografie, Ferien & Reisen, Kochen, Familie

PGP Key Fingerprint

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