Tech Kafi #ruby: Packwerk

The next Techkafi #ruby takes place on Tuesday 9th of August at 11:30 AM. Bill Tihen will present Packwerk. 

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Packwerk is a Ruby gem developed by Shopify used to enforce boundaries and modularize Rails applications. Unlike engines, Packwerk allows to slowly migrate from a monolith to a modular architecture.
This is a common architecture used by large teams using the „Citadel“ team structure.
The goal of „Citadels“ is to enable seperate teams to work with strong API boundaries and simplify the workflow between the teams. 
Some people also like to promote Packwerk as a method to move a Rails App towards a Domain Driven Design.

Interested to get more information and join our Tech Kafi #rubi? Contact Pascal Zumkehr or join spontaneously. 

Date: Tuesday 9th of August
Time: 11.30 AM to 12.15 PM
Place: Belpstrasse 37, 3007 Bern, room „Tux“ or online.

We look forward to meet you. 


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