2. Ansible Meetup in Bern

Zusammen mit der Adfinis SyGroup AG organisiert Puzzle ITC das zweite Ansible Meetup. Es findet am 7. November bei Puzzle ITC an der Belpstrasse in Bern statt.

2. Ansible Meetup

Donnerstag, 07. November 2019

17:00 Doors
17:30 Talks
18:30 Beer Break
19:00 Apéro

Dimensigon (DM) – IoT+Automation Mesh Network

Outline: As infrastructure gets more and more complex (e.g. Hybrid Multi-Cloud Strategy at companies, Containers, PODs, etc), DM develops a bridge using mesh networking to empower Ansible automation to the next level.
Speaker: Daniel Moya, Dimensigon

Ansible And Terraform: Best Friends Forever
Outline: Ansible is often used together with Terraform to provide endtoend automation from starting an instance to have a software stack up and running. But having Ansible and Terraform playing nice together requires some thoughts and integration in between. This talk will briefly introduce Terraform and then dig into the existing integrations, namely a dynamic inventory and a provisioner, and try to highlight pros and cons of either approaches.
Speaker: Benoit Perroud, Sqooba

Ansible Collections
Outline: I give an intro of Ansible’s new gem Ansible Collections currently in tech preview: Why collections exist, what they solve, how they look like and how they can be used.
Speaker: René Moser, Puzzle ITC

Der Event findet bei Puzzle ITC an der Belpstrasse 37, 3007 Bern statt.

Bitte melde dich über die Seite Meetup an.

This edition is sponsored by RedHat.

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